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Of Jagged Black Rocks

“Of jagged black rocks, wind, sea and branches” is a series within a series of mainly monochromatic works. As the title suggests, they playfully depict the jagged black rocks, seen as you drive up State Highway 1 on the Kapiti Coast from Wellington in NZ mixed in with the sea, wind, driftwood and branches. It is as if the whole had been lifted up in a whirlwind and thrown back into the centre of the canvas. The pieces were created instinctively, straight black ink poured onto canvas with a touch of egg white varnish and are a nod to contemporary photography. Some elements in movement and others fixed, bringing a scene to its essentials, where less is more. As a relatively new resident to NZ, I was captivated by the rocks and the coastline which at once scared and fascinated as drove up to my new home in Waikanae. 

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